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Sketchbook - Kottbusser Tor by keiross
Sketchbook - Kottbusser Tor
If you're interested in learning how to speed up your drawing, I've got a tip: go and draw in the Berlin district Kottbusser Tor, you won't want to hang about. It's rough. As soon as I sat down on a concrete step covered in wasps and rubbish, and I started drawing, I looked round and saw one guy taking a bowie knife out its case and putting it in his pocket and walking off. With in five minutes (at about 2pm) two women started having an all out fist fight about 10 meters away from me (this quickly attracted a crowd, half cheering them on, half trying to stop it). But it was when I saw ANOTHER guy standing right in front of me unsheathing a bigger bowie knife and sliding it under his belt behind his back while looking shiftily around I decided it's probably time to go get an ice cream and finish this one at home, haha. Oh Kotti. 

#kotti #kottbussertor #xberg #kreuzberg #berlin #berlinart #moleskine #moleskin #illustration #sketchbook #sketch #drawing #art #artwork #creative #urbansketchers #urbanart #fineliner #penart #lineart #penfreaks #instaart #artsyfartsy #artsy #sbahn #bärlin 
Sketchbook - Planet of the Shapes by keiross
Sketchbook - Planet of the Shapes
Since I started using sketchbooks back in February, most of my pictures (the street drawings, the endless selfies) have been all about learning and trying to level-up my basic standard of drawing. In the first pages of Moleskine sketchbook #4 (huzzah!) I decided to indulge myself and try and do something a bit nicer.Drawing this was a lovely experience. I was thinking stuff like: you know the energy you are currently using to read this? That energy never belonged to you. You just borrowed it from the universe for the most fleeting of moments before it went through you and back out. That's all, just an incidental and unwitting vessel. Might as well try and channel that energy into creating something decent. That's kind of how I felt when drawing this. Did I mention I love drawing? ✌

#sketch #sketchbook #moleskine #moleskin #penart #fineliner #drawing #nature #life #berlin #kreuzberg #xberg #berlinart #illustration #frog #toad #bird #sparrow #bee #orbital #lineart #micron #instaart #creative #creativity #artwork #3years #energy #artsyfartsy
Sketchbook - Treptower Park by keiross
Sketchbook - Treptower Park
This one took so long I got sunburned on my left foot. It was worth it though. It's of my local suburban railway station which acts as a gateway to my favourite park called Treptower Park which has some beautiful little foresty bits by the river which are amazing for running when it's hot and green in summer or peaceful and snowy in winter. I've had some spiritual running experiences here!  
#berlin #treptowerpark #treptow #kreuzberg #xberg #berlinart #moleskine #moleskin #illustration #sketchbook #sketch #drawing #art #artwork #creative #urbansketchers #urbanart #fineliner #penart 
Sketchbook - More stairs by keiross
Sketchbook - More stairs

Oh baby, this one was lovely to do, it was so relaxing. As usual no pencil, pure pen action.

I sat on the pedestrian bridge which connects Berlin districts Treptow and Friedrichshain over the River Spree. I normally run over it in the morning, but this time I sat and drew at lunch and after work. And more passers by stopped to chat and be nice about my work, this time including a group of 12 drunk Russian painters and one lovely woman who, when cycling passed, braked so quickly when she saw my sketch she nearly caused a mini bike crash 😆 Everyone was fine and we had a lovely chat. And who knew drawing stairs was fun.


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It says I have been here for ten years.

Ten..... years.

Well, I'm back, sort of. I picked up a pencil again so I thought I'd upload some crap for old time's sake.


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